What is a dedicated IP address?

What is a dedicated IP address (Dedicated IP)?
A dedicated IP is a unique internet protocol (IP) address that is exclusive to your website only. No other website or account may use your dedicated IP address.
Why should I use a dedicated IP address?
A dedicated IP address allows you to access your site at any time using an IP address. This is especially useful if the DNS for your domain is not specified. You can still view and work on your site without waiting. This also allows you to edit, view and upload files using a dedicated IP address.
For sites that share the same IP, when something goes wrong it can affect all sites on that IP. If you use a dedicated IP address, this problem won't happen again.
Additional benefits of a dedicated IP address
Dedicated IP addresses can help improve overall website speed. When someone visits a website using a shared IP, the server will need to analyze the request to find the exact web to load. On the contrary, when accessing a website with a private IP, the server will not need to spend time analyzing anymore. Therefore, using a dedicated IP address allows you to have faster download speeds.
A dedicated IP address is a unique internet protocol address and has many benefits for your website. In addition to providing the ability to access the website when DNS is not propagated, it also has additional security, outstanding speed. Perhaps that's why a dedicated IP address can be a wise decision.
Advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated IP
Advantages of Dedicated IP
If you just bought a domain name and have not pointed it to your server, then Dedicated IP (private IP). Test how the website will look before pointing the domain name at the server and launching the site. A private IP address provides direct access to the server without the need to change DNS settings for the domain name.
Dedicated IP is only for your website without being affected by harassment or spam servers.
Cons of Dedicated IP
· This private IP address will cost per month (the fee is not too high).
· You are responsible for the management of IP addresses without abuse of this service. It may be blacklisted.
Benefits of using Dedicated IP
Send email
All websites when used and hosted on the same server will also be affected. For example, when you do an Email Marketing campaign from websites that introduce new products, the emails are not only not received (to the spam folder) and lose the credibility of the company.
Using Dedicated IP will avoid the effects when sending email
On the contrary, when you use your own private IP address, you do not have to worry about this at all. Having your website running on a single IP address can cause unpredictable difficulties. . The email service may also be affected in this scenario. Using an email-specific IP address will protect your service from the consequences of abuse due to someone else's fault
SEO Support
Support SEO, especially when building a PBN system
The difference between shared and reserved IP addresses is pretty straightforward. When you want to build a system of personal blogs (PBNs) to perform SEO for the website and each website will have its own IP address. This, websites will have a separate, different IP number, so they will not be affected and penalized by SEO. Besides, avoid the case where the PBN system dies together.
Easy SSL Setup
Although many types of SSL now allow installation on shared hosting IP addresses. But there are also some categories that require you to have your own Dedicated IP Hosting. So using Dedicated IP Hosting will prevent many problems and make SSL installation easier.
Good for business
If you host your own online store or other ecommerce related website. You will not use additional third-party services for payment processing. Obtaining a private IP address and SSL certificate for the website to provide security for customer data.