What is SmartDNS?

1. What is smart dns?
Smart dns is a server that is specifically configured to redirect users to proxy servers. Unlike vpn, forwarding all internet traffic through their tunnels, smart dns only forward traffic .All other traffic allowed across the internet like no smart dns server, vpn, or proxy. So the smartdns server is mainly used to go to web streaming sites their content limits in specific countries. In such cases, smart dns servers deceive websites who think users are accessing websites from a qualified location.
2. How smart dns works?
If you enter a url in your browser, search will be executed in the database, where it is connected to the ip address of the host where the site is located.
Therefore, the url is a good way and easy to use the urls instead of the ip can' t manage, not remember or indicate anything about the site' s content. Dns is not only used to display sites but also to navigate all traffic on web; including access to netflix, hbo, bbc, dr, tv' v.
When a dns lookup is made, the user' s ip is also sent in another way, which is to the site, meaning. reveal where he is in the world. This way, sites or services providers can organize through users they allow access to, as well as control what they have access to.
3. Smart dns hoặc vpn?
Choose smart dns hoặc vpn that depends entirely on what to use it for. If you only want to access different blocked streaming services from abroad, manage the perfect task dns task. However, people must know that it is only gồm connected, so if a person is looking for security, anonymity, etc., it should choose vpn.
many vendors of vendors are provided with a registered vpn and smart dns service that doesn' t add fees, so if you suspect, you can use both without paying more.
Smart dns advantage versus vpn
§ Faster: because data should not be encrypted, requires the power to handle and therefore usually a bottleneck, to a faster website with smart dns than vpn. HD.
§ Easy: do you want to use the web simply (regardless of its meaning) and just want americans netflix, hbo, your bbc or similar, so smart dns just activates and is automatically done, so you have access to dr. dk and other sites that require the ip address of denmark. You can access the u. s. netflix by connecting to an american vpn, but then connecting must be changed by the website you want to access.
§ Use on all devices On devices like: smart tvs apple tv , playstation, xbox, etc. so., can' t be installed vpn vpn. On the other hand, you can use smart dns, expand streaming capabilities, etc.
§ A advantage of Smart DNSis that it can be used on devices such as apple tv, smart tvs, dashboard, etc. where the vpn can' t be installed - applications.
The downside of smart dns versus vpn
§ No anonymity: since connection is only redirected and unencrypted, users can be searched through their ip address, still unchanged. You shouldn' t use it smart dns for the purposes a person wants to hide and can' t find.
§ Not sure: as you wrote, then use smart dns without encryption to get your data blocked by understanding. However, this does not apply if you are connected to a location that uses a secure connection ( HTTPS ), the online banks, online conferencing and other sites that handle sensitive data often use (example: vpninfo. dk).
§ Do not cancel censorship: unfortunately, connectionless connectivity prevents blocks of websites, so if you're in china, iran or want to connect with the outside world, you' ll be disappointed if you use smart dns. In this case, people have to have a vpn.